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Aeration & Overseeding

Did you know that on average each blade of grass only lives 3 to 5 years?


 Fertilizing and aerating help promote new growth and improve lawns but overtime the pressures of dogs and kids can still be too much. Don't worry with this service its easy to get things looking good again. For this service we aerate the lawn twice before we go over the entire lawn with seed and starter fertilizer. The thousands of holes we make will provide a safe space for new seed to germinate without being damaged by activity on the lawn. It is even recommended for older lawns that look well to consider this service from time to time as the grass seed that is being made is constantly improving. Some of the features the new seed has includes more resistance to pest, disease and even droughts in some cases. This service can only be done in the spring or fall because we need cooler temperatures and lots of moisture for the seed to germinate properly!

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