Fall Armyworm

What to Know

             The fall armyworm has arrived and is wreaking havoc on Central Ohio lawns! Armyworms are offspring of moths, they feed on the canopy of grass causing browning and distress. In many cases the loss of the plant canopy exposes the crown of the plant to the sun and heat (this is the real danger). It is important to remember that the root system is intact during an infestation so proper watering and fertilizer can keep the lawn alive and allow it to recover and push up new growth. Armyworm webs are laid on upright items like fences, swing sets, mailboxes, tree trunks, light poles, decks and many other things. Check first near these areas as they are some of the first to show signs of stress. Contact us today if you think your lawn has been affected

Signs of Stress


Total Infestation