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Fertilizing & Weed Control Program

We offer a simple 5 round program

We use an all dry, granular fertilizer which provides a slow release and constant steady feeding to the lawn. This sulfur coated fertilizer helps lessen the growing pressures and allows the lawn to maintain the same deep green color in between treatments. The only liquid we use is for weed control. Our simple 5 round program includes the following:



Round 1: Slow release Fertilizer with preventive Crabgrass Control



Round 2: Slow release Fertilizer, liquid weed control for the entire lawn                    & a second application of preventative Crabgrass Control



Round 3: Slow release Fertilizer and spot treating for weeds



Round 4: Slow release Fertilizer and spray the lawn for weeds as needed


Round 5: Slow release Fertilizer, done in the late fall to provide an early                    green up in the spring

These 5 applications will provide you and your lawn with all the nutrients your lawn needs! Please keep in mind that our ultimate goal with your lawn is to naturally thicken it and prevent weeds, therefore having to use less weed control to maintain your lawn. We begin our program in the early spring (once it warms up) and then come every 6 to 8 weeks to service your lawn.


In addition to our simple 5 round program, we also offer Core Aeration and Grub control, both of which we strongly suggest doing on a yearly basis. You can learn more about these services by clicking below.

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