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Grub Control

Applied only once a year!

Did you know that the grub populations in Ohio have continued to grow over the past several seasons? The reasons for this rise in the population include moisture, temperatures and weather conditions. As the populations increase it continues to put intense pressure on the lawn areas.

The life cycle of a white grub is fairly simple. They start as Japanese beetles that feed on Japanese maples and other similar plants in the landscape. Mid summer the beetles begin laying eggs in the root system of the lawn. These eggs hatch into larvae known as the white grub. The grubs feed off the root system, eating the crown of the plant where it connects to the soil. This is what causes the damage to your lawn and causes it to turn brown and pull up in big sod-like pieces. Once the cold temperatures hit in the late fall, the grubs then burrow deep down into the ground and hibernate. In the spring they come back up and finish their life cycle, becoming Japanese beetles, which starts the process again.

We apply a product called Merit as a preventative, in the early to mid summer months. We like to think of Merit as insurance for your lawn. It is an extremely cost effective product that will prevent you from having to spend hundreds of dollars to eliminate the grubs that you have and reseed the damaged areas. There is a curative product that can be used if need be. We strongly suggest that everyone receives Merit.

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