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Perimeter Pest Control

Done 4 times a year!

Our perimeter pest control program aims to eliminate crawling insects from entering your home. We do this is by spraying around the house, up against the foundation ,and along the mulch or grass (3ft up and 3ft out, to be exact).  We create a perimeter by completing a full lap around your home including the crack along the driveway. Now all bugs that attempt to enter your home through any crack, crevice or window will have insecticide on their feet and insects eat with their feet. This will put an end to any spiders you may find in your basement! All the products we use are child and pet safe and will not harm any flowers or plants you may have in your landscape.





The cost of this service starts at $50.00 per application with our full 4 round program. If you choose to do fewer visits, the price would start at $60.00 per application. We come out to do the first round once the weather warms up and the bugs begin to crawl and then return every 6 to 7 weeks. Contact us to see if we offer this service in your area!

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